360 SYSTEMS DigiCart II+ Digital Audio Hard Disk Recorder

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To continue Record, press the Pause button again. The button will go dark and recording will resume. NOTE: There’s no limit to the number of times the Pause button can be pressed during playback or recording of a cut. However, pressing PAUSE during fade in will cause the fade in to start over when the PAUSE button is released. Note that Pause during Record does not work when using digital input. Looping Looping causes the currently selected cut to play continuously. The current HEAD and TAIL pointers will always determine the loop point for that cut.

DigiCart/II Plus will stop the Copy Directory procedure and return to directory select mode. Copy Edited COPYING A CUT Copies the edited version of a cut from its original location to a new one. The copy will include only the audio information between the HEAD and TAIL pointers; the trimmed HEAD and TAIL sections will be deleted. ) The procedures are the same as for COPY ORIGINAL, however select COPY EDITED from the UTILITY MENU. An edited cut may be copied to a different number in the same directory and the original cut ERASED to save space.

Drives that are neither installed nor formatted can’t be selected. Selecting A Directory Directories are contained in the directory level. The following procedures may be used to select a directory depending upon your current location within the DRIVE – DIRECTORY - CUT level hierarchy. For more information about moving between the layers, see Navigation on page 6. 1. Navigate to the directory level. The top line of the display will indicate the current drive, directory and directory name, if labeled, or the directory number as a name.

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