A Glossary of US Politics and Government by Alex Thomson

By Alex Thomson

This thesaurus explains the main thoughts, associations, personalities and occasions most typically talked about within the educating people politics and executive. The emphasis is on accessibility on the way to supply scholars with a prepared resource of information which may complement center studying. The booklet may also help scholars to deal with any gaps they could have of their knowing folks politics which, in flip, will make learning this interesting topic all of the extra profitable and enjoyable.

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This office was established by the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act, 1974 in an effort to counter the President’s perceived advantage over Congress in recommending the annual federal budget. After the CBO’s formation, Congress was now in a position to scrutinise the president’s proposals more closely, using a level of expertise and recourses previously only enjoyed by the executive branch. The establishment of the CBO was one of several measures Congress took in the wake of the Watergate scandal enabling the legislative branch to offer more scrutiny over the executive.

Parallel hearings will take place in the House. Other examples of oversight hearings include investigations into the official and personal conduct of government officials. When allegations arose over President Richard Nixon’s role in the Watergate scandal, for instance, the Senate created a Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities. This body heard testimonies from the President’s staff, and the evidence collected eventually led Congress to start impeachment hearings against Nixon. Connecticut Compromise The 1787 settlement negotiated by the Founding Fathers at the Philadelphia constitutional convention balancing the level of political representation M538 - THOMSON TXT M/UP 44 13/12/06 12:27 pm Page 44 Phil's G4 Phil's G4:Users:ph US POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT A–Z enjoyed by large and small states within the US Congress.

The Supreme Court supported the disclosure element of the 1971 Act, but ruled that there could be no limit on what candidates could spend on their own campaign. Similarly, although the Court supported a ceiling on direct donations to candidates (hard money), it stated that citizens were not to be restricted from supporting political activity where there is no explicit call for a candidate’s victory or defeat. This latter argument encouraged large sums of soft money to be spent in US politics. With candidates becoming more sophisticated during the 1980s and 1990s, in the way that they used soft money to assist their campaigns, again pressure grew to reduce the influence of money in US elections.

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