A Lost Touch of Innocence by Amy Tolnitch

By Amy Tolnitch

By way of touching a magic crystal, Piers Veuxfort recklessly unchained the essence of a decidedly depraved Fin guy who now is living inside of his physique. in the meantime, Giselle St. Germain’s existence in a secluded nunnery is over and he or she has been thrown into the realm to develop into Piers’ bride. Giselle quickly becomes frightened through either her betrothed’s unabashed adherence to excitement and his more and more strange character, and Piers desires not anything yet to ship again his bride-to-be. finally the pair discovers that future is theirs to win, however it will take the entire braveness that lies inside their inner most hearts to grab it jointly.

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Surely, they jested, she thought with increasing misgivings. “Enough of this talk,” Lady Amice said. ” “Aye,” Giselle managed to utter, thinking that disturbing was far too mild a term.

He poured wine into a cup and filled the cup in front of Giselle. Piers laughed at something the earl said, and Giselle turned to look at him. She drew in a shaky breath. The man was handsome when he was not smiling, but with the smile he was much more than that. A strange flutter swept through her belly that Giselle told herself was merely hunger. An appealing face and form is not the substance of a man, she chided herself. She broke off a piece of bread and cut a chunk of cheese. “Ah, here we are,” Gifford said, glancing behind him.

I am a fool,” she told the dog. ” Remember the rules, she told herself. One: Your only purpose is to serve God. Two: Unless necessary for a task or in prayer, your voice should remain silent. Three: Idleness is a sin. Four: Your body must be a pure reflection of God’s grace. Five: Honor God by imbibing simple food and drink. On number six, she got stuck. She looked at Guinevere in panic. ” The dog gave a sniff. “No, wait. ” 32 A Lost Touch of Innocence Seven: To covet possessions is against God’s will.

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