Active Plasmonics and Tuneable Plasmonic Metamaterials by Anatoly V. Zayats, Stefan Maier

By Anatoly V. Zayats, Stefan Maier

This ebook, edited via of the main revered researchers in plasmonics,  gives an outline of the present country in plasmonics and plasmonic-based metamaterials, with an emphasis on energetic functionalities and a watch to destiny advancements. This e-book is multifunctional, precious for rookies and scientists drawn to purposes of plasmonics and metamaterials in addition to for validated researchers during this multidisciplinary area.

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46. Plum E, Fedotov VA, Kuo P, Tsai DP, Zheludev NI (2009) Towards the lasing spaser: controlling metamaterial optical response with semiconductor quantum dots. Opt. Express 17: 8548–8551. 47. Seidel J, Grafstroem S, Eng L (2005) Stimulated emission of surface plasmons at the interface between a silver film and an optically pumped dye solution. Phys. Rev. Lett. 94: 177401. 48. Noginov MA, Zhu G, Mayy M, Ritzo BA, Noginova N, Podolskiy VA (2008) Stimulated emission of surface plasmon polaritons. Phys.

Thus this spaser can make a high gain, ∼ 10 THz bandwidth logical amplifier or dynamical memory cell with excellent prospects of applications. The last but not the least regime to consider is that of the pulse pumping in the bistable spaser. 65) is created by a short pulse at t = 0 and simultaneously initial SP population Nn is created. 20). 5h. When the initial SP population exceeds the critical one of Nn = 1 (the blue, green, and red curves), the spaser responds with generating a short (duration less than 100 fs) pulse of the SP population (and the corresponding local fields) within a time 100 fs [panel (g)].

The curves are color-coded and scaled as indicated. The developed spasing in a dipole SP mode will show itself in the far field as an anomalously narrow and intense radiation line. 4f. Note that for the system under consideration, there is a 20 meV red shift of the gain medium fluorescence with respect to the SP line center. It is chosen Quantum Theory of Spaser 17 so as to illustrate the spectral walk-off of the spaser line. For 1% in the excitation rate above the threshold of the spasing [panel (d)], a broad spasing line (red color) appears comparable in intensity to the SP-enhanced spontaneous fluorescence line (blue color).

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