Advanced Surfaces for Stem Cell Research by Ashutosh Tiwari, Bora Garipcan, Lokman Uzun

By Ashutosh Tiwari, Bora Garipcan, Lokman Uzun

The publication outlines first the significance of additional mobile Matrix (ECM), that's a traditional floor for many of cells. within the following chapters the impact of organic, chemical, mechanical, and actual houses of surfaces in micro and nano-scale on stem phone habit are mentioned together with the mechanotransduction. Biomimetic and bioinspired ways are highlighted for constructing microenvironment of a number of tissues, and floor engineering functions are mentioned in tissue engineering, regenerative drugs and diversified kind of biomaterials in quite a few chapters of the book.

This e-book brings jointly leading edge methodologies and techniques followed within the examine and improvement of Advanced Surfaces in Stem mobilephone Research. recognized world wide researchers planned topics including:

  • Extracellular matrix proteins for stem mobile fate
  • The superficial mechanical and actual houses of matrix microenvironment as stem telephone destiny regulator
  • Effects of mechanotransduction on stem telephone behavior
  • Modulation of stem cells habit via bioactive surfaces
  • Influence of managed micro and nanoengineered surfaces on stem telephone fate
  • Nanostructured polymeric surfaces for stem cells
  • Laser floor amendment concepts and stem cells applications
  • Plasma polymer deposition: a flexible instrument for stem mobile research
  • Application of bioreactor suggestion and modeling recommendations in bone regeneration and augmentation treatments
  • Substrates and surfaces for keep watch over of pluripotent stem cellphone destiny and function
  • Application of biopolymer-based, floor transformed units in transplant medication and tissue engineering
  • Silk as a common biopolymer for tissue engineering

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