Amphibian by Barry Clarke

By Barry Clarke

Frogs, toads, newts, salamanders, and the infrequent caecilians are available in a beautiful array of colours, shapes, sizes, and habitats. They reside either in water and on land and circulation in a superb number of methods from swimming, to hopping, or even flying. With a sequence of in particular commissioned pictures, Amphibian takes an in depth examine the attention-grabbing ordinary heritage of those creatures from the intense eco-friendly, red-eyed tree frogs to ordinary, burrowing, wormlike caecilians; from startling black and yellow hearth salamanders to tiny obvious glass frogs.

Discover the various habitats and existence cycles on this planet of frogs, toads, newts, and salamanders.

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In this 16thcentury engraving of the Trojan Wars, the frog-people won the war against the mice-people when crabs pinched off the mice’s legs. A SECOND SKIN Like other amphibians, the African dwarf clawed toad – a relative of the Surinam toad and the African clawed toad (pp. 22–23) – sheds its skin every five to seven days. This action may get rid of parasites attached to the toad’s skin. Wrinkled skin starting to lift off and shed MANY ENEMIES Webbed feet make the clawed frog a powerful swimmer As shown in this print by naturalist artist John James Audubon (1785–1851), many water birds, like these black-crowned night herons, eat vast numbers of frogs.

Conservation YOUNG NATURALIST Caring young naturalists help to save amphibians, by raising tadpoles from frog spawn and releasing them into garden ponds. The problems people cause by destroying habitats – for example, cutting down rain forests, filling in natural ponds, taking water from rivers for industrial use, acid rain pollution, global warming, and lowering the levels of fresh water – all threaten amphibian survival. People must change their attitude to the environment and wildlife. Like all animals, amphibians have a right to live undisturbed in their natural habitats.

Not only does the tadpole grow larger than the adult frog, but the adult’s fingers and toes each have an extra bone, making the feet and hands very long. A GOOD CLIMBER In most tree frogs (pp. 50–53), such as this White’s tree frog from Australia, both the hands and feet are adapted to climbing. Their big hands and feet spread wide, so they can grip on to larger areas of leaves, twigs, and branches, and the sticky pads on their fingers and toes help them hold on. A GREAT BURROWER African bullfrog The short, stubby toes and fingers, and large, spadelike tubercles on the African bullfrog’s feet are adaptations to a burrowing life (pp.

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