An Introduction to Fiber Optics by Ajoy Ghatak

By Ajoy Ghatak

Fresh advances within the improvement of low-loss optical fibers have revolutionized the sector of telecommunications, and fiber-based networks shape a key a part of overseas communications structures. This ebook introduces the actual rules of optical fibers, and info their use in sensor expertise and smooth optical communique structures. The authors commence by way of starting off the fundamental propagation features of unmarried mode and multimode optical fibers. In later chapters they conceal optical assets, optical detectors, and fiber-optic conversation approach layout. in addition they deal with a wide selection of similar subject matters akin to doped fiber amplifiers, dispersion reimbursement, fiber sensors, and size strategies for the characterization of optical fibers. during the e-book, actual and engineering points of the topic are interwoven, and lots of labored examples and workouts are incorporated. will probably be an incredible textbook for undergraduate or graduate scholars taking classes in optical fiber communications, photonics, or optoelectronics.

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