An irregular mind : Szemerédi is 70 by E Szemerédi; Imre Bárány; Jozsef Solymosi; Bolyai János

By E Szemerédi; Imre Bárány; Jozsef Solymosi; Bolyai János Matematikai Társulat (eds.)

J. Nesetril, P. Ossona De Mendez: Extremal difficulties For Sparse Graphs.- Mei-Chu Chang: An Estimate of Incomplete combined personality Sums.- Michael A. Nielsen: advent to the Polymath Project.- Jozsef Beck: Super-Uniformity of the common Billiard Path.- M. T. Keller, N. Streib, W. T. Trotter: on-line Linear Discrepancy Of partly Ordered Sets.- Luca Trevisan: Pseudorandomness in desktop technology and in Additive Combinatorics.- Bela Bollobas and Oliver Riordan: Percolation on self-dual polygon configurations.- L. Lovasz, B. Szegedy: Regularity walls and the Topology on Graphons.- Noga Alon: Universality, Tolerance, Chaos and Order.- Ben eco-friendly And Terence Tao: An mathematics Regularity Lemma, An linked Counting Lemma, And Applications.- Ben eco-friendly And Terence Tao: another facts of Szemeredi's theorem.- D.H.J. POLYMATH: Density Hales-Jewett And Moser Numbers.- Imre Ruzsa: in the direction of a noncommutative Plunnecke-type inequality.- Tim Gowers: Polymath And The Density Hales-Jewett Theorem.- Joel Spencer: Quasirandom Multitype Graphs.- V. Rodl and A. RucinskiDirac-type questions for hypergraphs.- Hoi Nguyen and Van Vu: Squares In Sumsets.- Jean Bourgain: On Exponential Sums in Finite Fields.- Y. Kohayakawa, V. Rodl, M. Schacht, J. Skokan: at the Triangle removing Lemma For Subgraphs Of Subgraphs Of Sparse Pseudorandom Graphs.- Andras Hajnal: My early encounters with Szemeredi.- J. Fox, F. Frati, J. Pach, R. Pinchasi: Crossings among curves with many tangancies .- J. Pintz: Are there arbitrarily lengthy mathematics progressions within the series of dual primes?.- M. Loebl, B. Reed, A. Scott, A. Thomason, S. Thomasse: just about all H-free graphs have the Erdos-Hajnal estate

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