Anisotropic and Nonlinear Optical Waveguides by C.G. Someda and G.I. Stegeman (Eds.)

By C.G. Someda and G.I. Stegeman (Eds.)

Dielectric optical waveguides were investigated for greater than 20 years. within the final ten years they've got had the original place of being at the same time the spine of a truly sensible and entirely constructed expertise, in addition to a very intriguing zone of simple, vanguard learn. current waveguides could be divided into units: one which include waveguides that are already in useful use, and the Read more...

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I n an originall y isotropi c materia l wit h an anisotropi c perturbation , P(x,t ) can b e writte n as Rotational Effects of Polarization in Optical Fibers P(x,t ) = P 0( x , t ) + p(x,t ) = å 0 ÷(÷) E(x,t ) + p(x,t) . e . 3 ) wher e Äå i s th e dielectri c tenso r describin g th e anisotrop y o f th e medium . Insertin g P(x,t ) int o Eq . 1 ) an d usin g th e relation s c 2 = l/ìïå ï an d å(÷) = 1 + ÷(÷) yield s ÄÅ(÷,ß) - (l/c) 2 å(÷) E(x,t ) = ìïñ(÷,ß) . 4 ) describe s th e wav e propagatio n i n a mediu m wit h perturbatio n p(x,t) .

Of Geneva, 1990. G . Somed a and G . V . Al l right s reserved . ROTATIONA L EFFECT S O F POLARIZATIO 39 N I N OPTICA L FIBER S Ren e Dandlike r Institut e of Microtechnology , Universit y of Neuchate l CH-200 0 Neuchatel , Switzerlan d Th e polarizatio n behavio r of single-mod e optica l fiber s i s analyzed , usin g coupled-mod e theory , wit h special emphasi s on rotationa l effects . Th e couplin g i s calculate d fro m a unifie d physica l description , based on th e loca l optica l propertie s of th e fiber, an d th e correc t choic e of th e mode s of th e unperturbe d fiber .

Whe n th e loca l linea r birefringenc e i s smal l (residua l birefringence) , th e fibe r i s referre d t o as an "ultr a low-birefringence " fibe r [4] , wherea s whe n th e birefringenc e i s larg e (voluntaril y introduce d anisotropy) , it i s referre d t o as a "spun high-birefringence " or "circular-polarizatio n maintaining " fibe r [5] . I n a high-birefringenc e spun fiber th e axe s o f th e birefringenc e ç ar e assumed t o rotat e at ö(æ) = áæ, á bein g th e spin rate . Togethe r wit h th e Farada y effec t on e get s by superpositio n o f Eqs.

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