Apocalypse Array (Science Fiction Series) by Lyda Morehouse

By Lyda Morehouse

Amariah McMannus isn't really your basic, daily, trouble-making teen. Her mother's a legend within the cybernetic and law-enforcement groups. Her father is the Archangel Michael. The Antichrist is set to get married to Satan-and Amariah herself simply could be the subsequent messiah...

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I double-checked my log. I'd requested the Soul Stealer site, all right—it said so right there. Cautiously following the connection, I saw that the address seemed legit. I'd logged in two minutes. I hadn't fallen asleep. I hadn't been dreaming. Then how did it know? How could the game possibly re-create my life with such profound accuracy? Those memories were so personal, I rarely even showed them to myself. I stood up, feeling unsettled. I glanced at the bookshelf beside me. Crouching down, I let my fingers trace the battered green plastic spine of the prison-issue Bible that Danny had insisted I retrieve that awful night.

CHAPTER 8 Dragon A breeze howls through one's cavernous lair, and this one feels a chill dance up one's spine. One lowers one's head so that it is even with the figure of Kioshi and peers intently at him. His yellow cartoon-character avatar has bright painted circles for cheeks, but his mouth is completely absent and a thick brush of eyebrows is pulled in seriously over dot eyes. " one asks. Pudgy cartoon hands grasp the whiskers at one's chin and pull us eye to eye. " He releases one, begins pacing back and forth.

Except me, I added silently. I wasn't on the LINK. I could be. I had the hardware. " Not everyone did. You had to be born in a hospital to get the nexus. Mom had planned to have me "off the grid," but when the time came, she says, she got scared and wanted the security of a sterile room and experienced nurses. So as part of routine, like the traditional vitamin K shot for newborns, I got the LINK hardware. The nexus is this tiny little triangle of metal that houses a zillion nanobots. Doctors implant it into the base of the skull while the bone is still soft.

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